The band ETERNAL PAIN can be labelled shortly as the connection of traditional Metal styles combined with the more raging Death Metal atmosphere. Over the years the press often connects this sound with the category of „Old School Thrash“ but the band prefers to call their music „Teutonic Deathrash“ what somehow summarizes the musical direction more than everything and exactly…

ETERNAL PAIN was kicked out of heaven in Spring 1996 when the first line-up consisting of Sven Klaka (Guitars), Dennis Eckert (Guitars), Björn Bossecker (Bass) and Sebastian Karthaus (Drums) came together to play a few coversongs and doing endless drinking sessions in the small rehearsalroom. Soon the first songs like „Angel In Hell“ or „Breeze Of Death“ were born and a few demo-recordings were done with the help of Marc Hottenrott as a session-singer. Nevertheless and somehow this line-up broke together in the Winter of 1996/97...

Finally the love and grace for musical terrorism was stronger and the three founding members Dennis, Björn and Sven captured a new drummer in Glenn Heinrich and a vocalist called "Blackskin". Immediately they drove forth the aggression and speed they were not able to create with the ex-drummer who never had the skills to sound like Sven, Bjoern and Dennis really wanted to.
So the first „real“ ETERNAL PAIN line-up was born and existed more or less successfully: About 25 gig-rituals were celebrated between the years 1997 - 2000 and some rehearsaltapes found their way to some maniacs that were asking for "demo-recordings" at the gigs.
Unfortunately founding member Dennis left the band during the recordings to the first studio-demotape "The sky burns red" in Spring 2000. At the same time Blackskin was also fired because of his often strange behaviour and many private problems. So it was impossible to finish the demo and the band continued as a 3-piece writing the most brutal-thrashing material up to this point until a new man was found on the 6 hellstrings in Sebastian Kipp. A guy fairly known to the band by meeting him often at gigs and other events.
Well, the dwelling in the rehearsing room found its end when Blackskin suddenly returned in the middle of 2001 and a handful of very successful gigs followed with two other regional bands named "Chaos Engine" and "Betrayed". The main event in this period so far was the first gig outside Germany with "Desaster" and "Delirious" that took place in Tielt/Belgium at "The Stage"-club in May 2002.
The following year was dedicated to recordings to the band's debut-album "In pain we trust - Relicts for revenge" which was released finally in September 2003 after many delays. Soon after the releaseparty and another gig in Gießen with "Altar" and "Sacred Sin" the band decided again to kick out its long time vocalist Blackskin due to personal as well as musical reasons once more. Well, and this time it was certain that he will not return to the band !

In May 2004 the first rehearsal sessions started with the 19 year old vokiller Joscha „Puky“ Pulkert who brought also a more direct and more straight-ahead approach into the band. After 3 months he was ready to celebrate the first gig-rituals yet. New recordings started in late 2004 for a split-LP out on the german UG label „Deathstrike Records“.

A sort of very new chapter began when the band decided to take a break in the Summer of 2005 due to the final exams of some members. Another change was the decision of Sebastian to leave the band in October because of a hand injury that was forcing him to lay down the guitar. In fact this problem occurred several times over this year and the band recruited a session member named Rene yet in Spring while Sebastian was still trying to play. So in October Rene turned into a steady member of the band and the rehearsals started again in December 2005 during the above mentioned split-LP was released two weeks before.

Unfortunately the chemistry between Rene and the remaining band wasn’t that good as it was originally intended to be. So as a part of that the old guitarist Sebastian replaced him in early 2007. Nevertheless the band took a break as a part of further private and professional reasons for a couple of months and started the songwriting for the second full-length album in the middle of 2007.

To be continued…

LINE-UP 2008:

Joscha "Puke" Pulkert - Vomicals

Sven Klaka - Bloodaxe

Sebastian Kipp - Bloodaxe

Bjoern Bossecker - Gravehowls

Glenn Heinrich - Deathbattery